Welcome to Ma7meyat Elmarmoom

A natural reserve characterized by a surface area that streches along the sands of the vast desert, containing various wild animals and birds. The most important of them perhaps are the deer, the oryx, Reem Aldmani which branch from the species of mammals. Moreover, more animals have been brought on in the desert such as the Arabian Tahr, which lives on the steep rocky slopes of Hajar Mountains in United Arab Emirates. The reserve also includes wild hares, spiny-tailed lizard, desert monitor and other reptiles that take the burrows as their homes. Furthermore, the reserve is home to other animals that were captured and placed in special cages for care and supervision and they include wolves, foxes, wild cats and Arab lynx. As well as the birds that hover around the reserve and live in its trees, some are permanent such as the Black-bellied Sandgrouse, pigeons, and grey francolin while others are migratory like the Stone Curlew and the Houbara Bustard.